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The navigation system is identical on all the website pages.

Quick links

These links at the top of the page enable you to access the page you want straight away (without having to go through unnecessary information):

  • Link to go straight to page contents
  • Link to navigation support page (this page)
  • Link to website map
  • Link to contact form

On the keyboard (tab key)

You can navigate from one link to the next using the tab key (Press Tab and repeat until it has selected the link you want to visit. Press Enter to confirm).

Breadcrumb trail

The breadcrumb trail is displayed in the body of each page above the page heading. You can use it to recover your steps and go back to previous pages.


  • Click the logo once to return to the homepage.
  • The "Top of the page" anchor (at the bottom of the page) enables you to return to the top of the page as the name suggests.
  • To find information, look at the website map or do a search.

Changing font/page size

To enable visitors to alter the website display and specifically the size of the font, the layout relies on the use of relative values. The font/page size can therefore be enlarged.

With most browsers, you can press Ctrl + scroll wheel or Ctrl+  to enlarge font and Ctrl- to reduce it.

Printable version

When printing a page, the website’s navigation items are hidden so you only print the content you are interested in. To do so, go to the menu bar above your browser (applies to all browsers) and click File > Print .

(Please consider the environment before printing.)

Plug-ins and downloads

Plug-ins are small components which add specific abilities to your browser functions and enable it to display certain content: video (Quicktime plug-in), animation and interactive games (Flash, Shockwave etc.), certain audio and text file formats (Winamp, Acrobat Reader etc.).

Some plug-ins may already be installed if you are using a new browser. In this case you do not need to make any changes or download anything extra.

To view PDF files, you need reader software such as Acrobat Reader .
To view Flash animation, you need the free Macromedia Flash player programme.
To extract files in a ZIP file, you need the Winzip programme or free Quick Zip programme.

Add this website to your favourites

In the menu bar above your browser:

  • On Internet Explorer: Favourites  then Add to favourites
  • On Mozilla Firefox: Bookmarks  then Bookmark this page
  • On Safari: Bookmarks  then Add to bookmarks
  • On Opera: Bookmarks  then Bookmark this page

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any issues when viewing the website.

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