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Namur (Belgium)

Located 60km south of Brussels with a population of 107,900, Namur has a leading role alongside the Belgian and European capital.

The capital of Wallonia is also home to Wallonia’s government, parliament and regional administration. At the confluence of the Meuse and Sambre, Namur is also a first class hub for motorway and railway transport. It has wisely made the most of its strategic position and provided companies and the university with the space they need to grow. IT, telecommunications, food production, construction and business services are just a few of Namur’s leading sectors, not forgetting tourism! Lots of well-known festivals punctuate cultural life: the International French Language Film Festival, Média 10-10, Music Festival, Folk Art Festival etc.
Since 1996, both cities have kept their bond alive through school, economic, cultural and sports activities.

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