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Museum collections

The museum is a treasure trove of collections of French, Scandinavian and Italian art from the 15th to the 20th century housed in the ancient refectory and upstairs in the monks’ cells.

  • Collection of sculptures from the 12th – 17th century: wood and stone pieces from Bresse and further afield.
  • Wonderful collection of paintings of Holland during the time of Margaret of Austria (1480-1530) by famous artists such as Van Orley and Adrien Ysenbrandt.
  • 17th century French, Flemish and Dutch paintings.
  • 19th – 20th century paintings: troubadour paintings, landscapes (Chintreuil) and pieces by Gustave Doré etc.
  • Modern art takes the museum into the 21st century with a strong presence of “contemplative” abstract art reflecting the site’s spirit. (Jean Degottex etc.)
  • Decorative arts enthusiasts adore the antique regional furniture and beautiful collection of Meillonnas earthenware.
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